happy new year 2022!

What if you just devoted this year to loving yourself more?

We’ve had an incredible era; living through a pandemic, inconceivable weather events, being disconnected from and losing loved ones, this has been a challenging period.

I was watching a show the other day and the main character was tried with unbelievable challenges, one after the other, to the point of making her incredibly numb.  But she never stopped fighting for her little girl. Because she knew they deserved better.

I forgot I had the same fight in me. 

It’s easy to forget that fight when a frequent traveller can no longer fly; when we’re told “stay home.” It’s gets harder when the airplanes are grounded because we are making each other sick.  Yet more challenging when we were told we couldn’t see our loved ones for fear of infecting them.  Add to that unbalanced vaccine distribution, heat domes, record forest fires, atmospheric rivers, hurricane activity, flooding, supply chain issues, crazy inflation, political strife none of us ever imagined, and cities falling before our eyes, we’ve had an incredulous year!

In the beginning of the pandemic, we kept hearing (and using) the term “unprecedented.”  What else can be used to describe situations that 95% of us haven’t lived through? How do we even begin to understand and make progress through such situations without using words like “unparalleled?”

However daunting all of this is, can you imagine what could be possible if we changed the narrative from “I can’t even do/see/visit/go…” to “could I show myself more love today than I did yesterday?”

So, what if you just devoted this year to loving yourself more?
Can you think of everything that is and could be possible for you?

And if we all did that, we could shift the common wavelengths from negative to positive, because I am sure that we could all use more hope and infinitely more love.

Happy New Year fellow earthlings!

May your 2022 be far better than your 2021 and may it be filled with love.

Photo by cottonbro on Pexels.com

Oh my Omicron!

We thought we were done right?
South Africa gave us a way to identify a new mutation and we punished her for it.

Yes, we’re still in this.

We could have been out of this, but you know, some of you just have to “Fight” what you don’t agree with, and that my friends, is what keeps us mired in s**t.

Do you ever stop to think about why the world is in such chaos? Tornadoes running rampant, weather systems on steroids, militia groups pretending they have the intelligence to run entire countries, people thinking they have superiority over others because they lack melanin, social media and misinformation becoming the new apocalypse…nurses and doctors quitting because we devalued their care so much — dare I ask what’s next?

What a wonderful world this could be if we learned to just agree to disagree! Have a dialogue rather than a heated argument. Listen rather than blame, try to understand, even if you totally disagree. Don’t be in such a rush to shout about your ‘rights;’ be in a rush to feed someone who’s hungry. It will change your perspective.

With the price of food set to skyrocket even further, let’s all just stop the shouting and see where we can give a meal or two… because there’s a universal law at play here– what you give, you get.

May you give much.

Photo by Brett Jordan on Pexels.com