and the reckoning of past institutional hatred:

I’m so tired of lecturing to the world. I’m tired of giving advice and yes, even a little tired of speaking truth to power.

W(hy) T.F. is it so hard for us as human beings to treat other human beings as human beings?

When something like a pandemic happens, or incredibly difficult social strife occurs, we learn a lot about peoples’ behaviours. Those of us who chose to wear masks and abide by governmental health orders had to square off daily, against those who just don’t give a damn. Why was that necessary?

Your rights are your rights yes, just as my rights are mine. When you do something stupid, you remove the agency which governs our lives. And by extension, my right to protect myself from you.

Much in the same way that Israel is doing to Palestine. which brings me to the “reckoning of past institutional behaviour.” How do we condemn this apartheid when Saudi Arabia is basically doing the same thing in Yemen? Where is your moral outrage for them? For the Rohingya or the Uighurs? The Yazidis, the Syrians, the Lebanese, the Afghanis, et al?

There doesn’t seem to be a country on this beautiful, struggling planet that has “gotten it right.” If there is one, please do correct me. What I mean by getting it right, is treating each of citizens, regardless of race, colour, creed, gender, sexual orientation or religious beliefs, as human beings. One that doesn’t rely on preferential treatment based on institutionalized gender preference. Indeed, that is the larger problem. Women, on the whole, prefer dialogue to war.

Hateful words, behaviours and attitudes are taught. Sadly, mostly at home. Children do not go to school to be taught hatred. In fact, most have to be “untaught.” The deconstruction of home-taught hatred is a hard battle to fight, but so damned worth it!

There is no planet B. There is no superior race coming to save us. Trust me, there’s no chance of that. We blew that the moment we made war a method of behaviour and discrimination a way of life.

Palestine needs saving. And Israel needs to give their land back. That’s all there is to it. They are long-lost cousins who need to forgive each other, love each other and live in harmony. That may be a pipe dream, but it’s also it a fact.

There is a reckoning that is happening here; for all the ways in which we have harmed each other, the universe is responding. The earth is responding. And now, so are all the communities who have been oppressed, suppressed, depressed and recessed into marginalization. You can’t keep good people down for very long.

You see, ethnic communities teach their children about what not to do around “white people.” We grow up being taught “learn the system, beat the system.” because “the system” was not designed for our success. Ironically, Israel has done this beautifully. It’s like when two people who are attracted to each other meet and get to know each other. One of them says to the other “this is what hurt me in the past.” Then the other turns around and does exactly what hurt the first one, but does it in a spectacularly evil fashion. “Learn the system, beat the system.”

Behaviour is taught.

Israel has learned a great deal, and the Palestinians have no choice but to live in fear of a short-sighted Hamas and hate-filled Israelis. From whence does strength come when strength is always being tested?

So you see, as tired as I am, I will keep “getting into good trouble.” And I will keep deconstructing unnecessary behaviour. I just need your help to do so. Will you step up?


Stop the hate!

Hello friends,

My we have been through it haven’t we?

It feels as though, since the end of 2019, somethings have just been “off.” As though, the Earth’s axis changed its tilt and now we’re devolving.

There is so much “hate,” and “Intolerance” out there. Yet, I have to question, how much of that hate and intolerance is within us? How many of us have been taught to seriously dislike and disregard others simply because they are who they are?

Sadly, many of you have shown your true colours when something horrible happens. The holocaust, the genocides in Africa and Burma and China, the 9/11 attacks, SARS, Covid-19, etc. It’s no wonder we are “alone” in our neck of the galaxy.

As a species, it seems we are in two camps: the ones who represent the worst of humanity, and the ones who represent the best of humanity.

Holding an entire group or race of people responsible for the actions of an unreasonable few is stupid, juvenile, crass, wrong and just plain idiotic. It’s akin to me holding all white people accountable for slavery. Is that fair? Were the majority of you reading this alive and fully participating in the slave trade of the 1700 and 1800s? Do you see how ridiculous that is?

The blaming of all Chinese people for Covid-19 is the same as holding all Muslims responsible for the actions of Osama Bin Laden. It’s naïve and ill-informed, not to mention incredibly ignorant and irresponsible. It’s holding the restaurant accountable for people who dine and dash and then blaming the server because his/her skin colour is not yours.

This level of taught behaviour has to change because it begins at home. It is never okay to blame someone for a crime they did not commit. Yet our justice system is filled with innocents behind bars. The system that has housed internalized hatred has also built homes that house unjustified contempt and prejudice. Where did all this come from? Do those of you whom hate so badly have nothing else in your lives? You just believe all the hate that is spewed from right-wing media outlets and an orange buffoon who doesn’t know how to tell the truth?

How about using your God-given brains to actually read and understand information for yourself? Because if you don’t, you will be the downfall of your own race, and this time, you will have no choice but to hold your prejudice-driven, hate-filled, ignorance-consumed hearts accountable.

Those of you who engage in such behaviour have no idea the level of distrust you engender in the larger society. You make it easy to negate the work being done by the wonderful heroes and sheroes who have stepped up during the pandemic to do things you could never dream of. These incredible people treating and transporting your loved ones, feeding them for free, delivering meals, medical supplies, teaching your kids, sacrificing time with their own families to help you, because you’re human. This is what the best of us do. And not just during times of societal harm- this is what the best of us do all the time!

When white supremacists overtook the Capitol buildings on January 6th, were all white people blamed?
Should they have been?

It’s never okay to blame an entire group or race of people for the actions of an unscrupulous few. And it’s even less okay to think it is.

My heart goes out to the Chinese community right now, as it does to the larger, beautiful BIPOC communities. I stand with you and for you. Privately and publicly. For those who agree with me, it’s time to start showing it.


Is a powerful, motivational “thing.”

We have all been through so much in the last year; we have seen a virus ravage our way of life, we have seen governments fall and rise and genocides, explosions, weird weather events and more.  Yet, we have also seen the very best of humanity and nature - so many of you stepped up to help others facing food insecurity and shortages.  Others made masks and accessories.  Some of you gave of your time in ways no news media outlet will ever report.  Thank you for reminding us that there is always something we can do.

Hope is around the corner.  We cannot slide into complicity - our health and safety must come first because without that, our economies will not matter.  Once we are out of the proverbial woods, there is much reconciliation needed. Not just in the way in which we see people but in terms of how we live our lives.  Stay strong, stay blessed, stay safe and stay within Hope.  Remember that hope takes root where it is planted, watered and nurtured.  

Keep taking care of each other.  We are indeed each other's keepers, as Covid has shown us. God bless, be kind, and please go plant some trees.  

Treason? Civil War? Take your pick?

Hey Readers!

Do you remember a couple of months ago when I wrote:

“Professors, former members of President Obama’s staff and journalists have been warning us since last year: the far-right domestic terrorist groups have been emboldened by the OB (orange buffoon) and have been ramping up activities, both online and in public. If OB loses, and refuses to hand over power, what happens?’


“What do you do when there is a baby bully in a position of power and has, arguably, the largest platform for change available, and he is refusing to “get out of the crib” without disrupting everything around it?”

Image Courtesy of NBC News

Did you really think I was blowing smoke?


You have known for months, weeks, days and have absolutely no excuse whatsoever to say “we didn’t know” or “we didn’t think this would happen.” Really?

You know this behaviour is tantamount to Treason. And the last time I checked, Treason was punishable by death in the good ole U.S. of A.

If this were the Black Lives Matters protestors, (who quite frankly know better), we would be having a very different conversation and you would be reading a profanity-laced, insult-ridden blog about the Orange Buffoon and his cronies.

Oh wait – I forgot, the very fact that I call him the Orange Buffoon is insulting in and of itself.

Sorry not sorry. There are no other words for an over-indulged, not-spanked-enough-megalomaniacal, nihilistic, spoilt-brute-of-a-child-ignoramus-bigoted-racist who behaves as though the world owes him a favour and he won’t stop till he gets what he wants.

Nor will he stop until he has destroyed the process and functionality of democracy and delegitimized honest folk who voted their consciences.

2020: The Year that Wasn’t

2020  – the year that wasn’t

When the year began, I really felt like something was off.  It didn’t feel like the possibilities were there for the year I had envisioned.   And then,

Kobi and Gigi and friends died. So many of us cried. I grew up watching you Mamba – you and Shaq and all that drama! Felt like I lost a friend.  Again. The corona virus came calling, but China was stalling. The WHO announced early, but people hardly any paid attention. Australia was on fire.  The country burned, people died, so did koalas.  And that was only the beginning.

Megs and Harry left “the firm” for private life.  The Brits skewered them and created strife.  Now, they’re in America, and can say what they like. They tried to impeach Trump but he was acquitted.  (Sigh) But Parasite won the Oscars and ram-don took over social media.  An asshole was convicted of rape and sexual assault – finally he was found at fault.

By spring, the virus grew and grew. The whole world stood still; Mother nature began to repair herself, because we let her be. The world was quiet; empty streets the hallmark of the weeks.

The economy tanked and wall street sank.  This was an incredible time. Black Lives Matter Protests happened everywhere.  I was in awe of how many people came out to march, peacefully, quietly, in strength and resolute determination of finding justice. 

The Canada-US border was closed for the first time in eons.  Trump declared an emergency (the only smart thing he’s done) People were hoarding toilet paper, kitchen towels and yeast.  The preppers were saying “See? We told you!”

Zoom took off.  And crashed.  And took off again and crashed again…laptops sold out and online learning became “a thing.” Some Governments began spending, others were in Denial. Climate change is a hoax some said. So was the Wuhan virus. Wimbledon was cancelled, so were many sports.  That left many of us feeling out of sorts.  They cancelled the Olympics too.  Alas, no world records and tricks.

Humanity witnessed the masses of seniors dying; yet the best of us stepped up at 7:00pm every night to cheer on and thank frontline and essential workers for their sacrifices.

Late spring saw cases of the Corona Virus rise, and we marched again and protested for Black Lives.  Because they Matter.  We asked for justice for George Floyd and Breona Taylor and Ahmaud Arbery.  We reminded people to “say their names.”  We’re still waiting for Justice.

Prime Minister Justin Trudeau participated in a BLM protest in Ottawa and Joe Biden won the Democratic Party’s nomination for President of the United States.  The numbers of people suffering from Corona Virus seemed to drop, right before they began to skyrocket and pop.  Except in New Zealand.  Beijing was back in lock down and the numbers were crazy.

For Boko Haram, this was a banner year. How many times are they going to get away with stealing children and turning them into child brides or soldiers and calling themselves religious?! This is non-sensical.

China and India had a fight.  Then China went and passed a stupid law.  There is a flaw to certain reasoning friends.  I don’t believe in countries to whom all loyalty is owed only to the state.  

Meanwhile, in Canada, certain residents are living under boiled water advisories. In 2020. In a developed country.  Where 20% of all freshwater resources exist.  Yet, these Neskatanga residents can’t catch a break.  Twenty-five years and they can’t use their taps.   I mean what the what??

We watched the NBA in the Bubble.  In the isolated, separated bubble.  Some sports were cancelled, others reinstated in bubbles.  Concerts, galas and more were postponed till 2021 or 2022.  More to see, more to do.  Kind of makes me feel like 2022 is full of possibilities…. New realities….

We saw royalty abdicate in other parts of the world, and a massive explosion ruin what was left of Beirut.  In India, things got tense.  And in Japan, politics were changing. Rearranging.

The fall brought with it the death of a giant – RBG.  Rest in peace superwoman! And no justice for another.  Say her name.  Say her name.  Say her name.  More people contracting and dying of corona virus, more covidiots ruling their roosts and making it harder for the rest of us to see our families.

You idiots who think wearing a mask is an infringement of your constitutional rights, crack a book!! It is not.  It protects others from the asymptomatic spreaders amongst you.  You don’t get to decide for the rest of us whose lives are valuable and whose are not.  

The late fall brought war to Armenia and Azerbaijan while Poland was protesting.  Early November brought a change in the US Political system.  Historic voter turnout and the number of votes cast, clearly outlined the deeply divided American public. Yet, they elected the first BIPOC female vice president!  And, the first US President who was elected with more than 80 million votes. (Not to mention the oldest US President.) But at least he’s one of the good guys!

Please America, never again, ever, elect a buffoon or former actor for your president. They really don’t work out well.

We’ve seen strange weather events and said goodbye to so many people. If this Pandemic has taught us anything, it’s that life is precious and fleeting and fragile. So it pays to go the extra mile and wear a damned mask! For many, this is an easy task. Yet, for some of you, it’s still too much to do.

We saw the Raptors in the Bubble. They came, they saw but didn’t conquer. (Next time baby!)

I am hopeful for the coming year because this time, it feels different; not just because the vaccines are rolling out. I’m hopeful that by the end of the year, we may be able to travel for the holidays again and see each other and hug each other and make human contact again.

And maybe even in 2022, we’ll stand by each other again in a crowded stadium watching our favourite artist(s) or athletes put on a great show. But to get there, we need to get through here. And here requires a mask and sanitizer and hand washing.

On that note, Happy New Year to all of you. Stay safe and blessed. Take good care of each other.

Election 2020: A New Legacy?

Finally, America!

After what seems like decades being ruled by the Orange Buffoon, You made a great choice, with record-breaking voter turn out and record breaking numbers of votes cast!

You elected someone who urged patience and calm in light of not having a decisive result; someone who relied upon democratic processes to unfold as they were designed to do.

Someone who didn’t need to manipulate national airwaves in order to clearly, and very sadly, show the world what a tiny, spoiled, autocratic nihilist he is.

The Orange Buffoon has incessantly tweeted for his followers to take to the streets – more succinctly – to the actual precincts at which the votes are being counted. He is advocating for violence because the baby doesn’t want to leave the crib.

You elected someone who realizes and appreciates that profound divisions exist in your country.  Someone who wants to sow the seeds of reparation and rebuilding, in the midst of the worst pandemic we have ever witnessed.  You elected someone other countries can and will respect.

You elected the first BIPOC female Vice President! Well done! 

You elected a more representative Vice President – one who will work for others exactly like her – because she knows precisely what it is to carry the weight of multiple cultures and still respect the country in which she lives. She does this while being an accomplished, dedicated, driven human being who believes in empowering others. 

That’s what you call educated and balanced. That, my friends, is what you call the awesome dynamism of an empowered woman.

Women are 50% of the world’s population and hold 50% of the world’s purchasing power. It makes sense to trust us in positions of leadership. 

You elected a team that wants to get this virus under control.  With 240,000+ deaths and rising, this is a mandate for survival. You chose the people who can secure that survival – from PPE supplies to financial resources, you chose your health and safety above everything else.  Smart choice. And well done to all of you who voted by mail-in-ballot!

You elected a team who believe in healing the deep divisions that exist within America; a team who are prepared to work with people who deeply disagree with them. 

You elected someone who understands that not everyone pays taxes.  There are those of you who are earning incredulous amounts of money and have never paid your fair share of the tax burden.  (The OB included.) It’s time for equilibrium.

You voted for a team who are going to rely on evidence from scientists and the medical field and front line workers and teachers.

You elected a team who don’t believe in persecuting religious minorities because a few “rotten apples” have inappropriately come to represent the billions of others. 

You elected a team who won’t spew hatred at the female members of Congress simply because they are female.

You elected a team that is going to take America back to the Kiyoto and Paris agreements  — a team who doesn’t believe that climate change is a hoax perpetrated by China. Nor do they believe that tweeting at the television 24/7 and burying their heads in the sand will solve the problem.

You elected a team who believe that it’s not okay to run a campaign bus off the road, no matter your beliefs. 

You elected a president and vice president who are going to bring respect of the institution back to the White House. 

You elected a President who believes all of you deserve affordable health care.  America, I have NEVER understood your lack of wanting reasonably priced, accessible health care.  Yet, day in and day out, your complaints about how “tough things are,” are heard the world over. 

At least now you chose someone with direct experience bringing into law the affordable care act.  Another smart choice.

You believed in and voted for a team of people who know that America is a land of immigrants.  All of whom should have the right to an education and an ability to contribute to, and profit from, the “land of dreams.” They know that as immigrants, some of you face specific challenges others do not. 

They know that the NRA should answer for their lack of participation when it comes to gun control.  (By the way, if you need an assault rifle to hunt, you should give up hunting)

Finally, you elected a team of people who want to make sure you are well taken care of. 

Don’t you think it’s time for goodness?  Have the past four years, and all of 2020 not been challenging enough? It’s time to say goodbye to the OB and hello to the Biden-Harris team.

To be honest, your friends and neighbours have missed you.

Just one huge request – please, never again, allow the Orange Buffoon or his offspring, to hold any office of any kind.

Perhaps he and his wife can go decorate some trees.

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U.S. Election 2020 and the Orange Buffoon

If Donald Trump wins the next U.S. Election, will there be another American Civil War?

Does that scare you? It should…

When a sitting U.S. President refuses to denounce white supremacy, in front of a live, national and international audience, it’s tantamount to condoning the same. That he told a group to “Stand by and stand back,” when he ought to have told them to disband — because they are constitutionally illegal — should scare you. That he waited till the next day to clarify his meaning is cowardly and undignified.

We have so much going on right now. We have people, globally, dying. We are globally a sick planet. Globally, all the measures we have taken to reduce, reuse, recycle, have taken a back step to Covid. Globally, covidiots are ruling the roost and ruining things for the rest of us. This virus is unlike anything we have known in all of human history. If you haven’t taken it seriously yet, do so now please. The request that you mask up and keep your bubbles small is not a restriction or removal of your freedoms. You are being asked to do so in order to safeguard your freedoms. (also, you should read your constitution because you will learn that in times of great danger, your freedoms can be abridged and removed all together.)

We have had to come to terms with living in a racist world. Not only have we lived in it, many stood by and watched because not of all you are BIPOC. (Black, Indigenous, People of Colour.)

America and the world should wake up to the fact that the Orange Buffoon in the White House, is in fact, and in deed, a white supremacist and bigoted racist. That he paid less in taxes than 90% of you, and is so indebted to his creditors, should concern you.

What would you do if you were broke, in debt, property rich and cash poor, facing law suits you couldn’t get out of, and threatening to run for president every chance you got? Would you not run for a seat in which your housing, transportation, meals, clothing and well being were paid for by the tax payers? It seems like an evil genius move to me!

So let me get back to the Civil War statement. Professors, former members of President Obama’s staff and journalists have been warning us since last year: the far-right domestic terrorist groups have been emboldened by the OB (orange buffoon) and have been ramping up activities, both online and in public. If OB loses, and refuses to hand over power, what happens?

You may think I, and others, are “blowing smoke.” I think the Governor of Michigan, Gretchen Whitmer, would disagree. Six men have been arrested for allegedly trying to kidnap and threatening to kill her. Those six men are allegedly linked to the far right militia organizations.

The OB said recently “liberate me.” What in hemoglobin and haberdashery is this? He has constantly stated there is voter fraud happening everywhere. There is no evidentiary proof of this at all. Yet, if the OB loses, and says to his followers, “take to the streets,” do you really think this will be a quiet demonstration?

On October 08, 2020, Global News, on their website, reported “Polls south of the border indicate a growing number of Americans on both sides of the political spectrum feel violence would be justified if the other side wins the election.” **

Why does there have to be violence?
Why is it that tv-educated, rural-living, shot-gun-toting-holier-than-thou white people feel their views are the only ones that matter? And why do they feel America belongs to them?

It never belonged to them. Ask the Indigenous peoples who descended from those from whom that land was stolen, how they feel every time they hear “this is our country.” Ask the descendants of African Americans who built the country through their slavery.

If the OB has a problem with the ballots, show us the evidence, number one. Number two, come up with a solution that is satisfactory to all parties. The OB is saying “don’t count the ballots because it’s all fake news anyway.” So how does he think the election will happen?

What do you do when there is a baby bully in a position of power and has, arguably, the largest platform for change available, and he is refusing to “get out of the crib” without disrupting everything around it?

You begin with Education Reform. You begin with the 50% of minorities who did not vote in the last election. Get up! Get out! Go vote! because what happens in your country affects mine– and I am so sick of hearing the complaints from your side of things. If you didn’t vote in the last election, don’t complain. Do better. Register yourself and go and bloody vote. This is your opportunity for betterment. Don’t be like the OB in the crib.

You also begin by tasking those representatives who care about betterment, to better represent you. You take to Congress and hold them to task because you put them there- so let them start earning your vote. You place your trust, however little is left, in the other institutions that should act as a check and balance against tyranny – like the Supreme Court.

You also begin by masking up and keeping your bubbles small. If you protect yourself, others will follow. This isn’t forever, it’s for the extended now. Stay safe.

I will pray and wish and hope for betterment for all of you because, that, more than anything, is what we all need. We don’t need an orange-faced buffoon who thinks his way is the holy way. Ask him what his passport is worth now.

Be Kind. Be safe. Be a registered voter.

** link to Global News:

Rest in Power and Light ….

You are a light that will shine and shine and shine, brother, through the quiet dignity and strength you gave to the world. Though we knew nothing of your battle, you carried on. That is what true Kings do.

May you rest in the beautiful Peace and Light of the Almighty!

In the event of this King’s death, no one should be doubting that Black Lives Matter. We have lost a super power, a teacher and a gentle, warm light. Let’s stop taking each other at face value and see each other for who we are – creations of the Beautiful Maker who sends us light from time to time so that we can learn and shine.

May all the gifts of Heaven and eternity be yours brother.

Kindess is as Kindness does…

One of my favourite images from this week:

This is a wonderful example about how the content of character overrides the colour of skin – people helping people. This is what it’s all about!

Bravo to Patrick Hutchinson! And to whomever took that photo!

We have one planet people, we are ONE race. We are indubitably in this together…