and the reckoning of past institutional hatred:

I’m so tired of lecturing to the world. I’m tired of giving advice and yes, even a little tired of speaking truth to power.

W(hy) T.F. is it so hard for us as human beings to treat other human beings as human beings?

When something like a pandemic happens, or incredibly difficult social strife occurs, we learn a lot about peoples’ behaviours. Those of us who chose to wear masks and abide by governmental health orders had to square off daily, against those who just don’t give a damn. Why was that necessary?

Your rights are your rights yes, just as my rights are mine. When you do something stupid, you remove the agency which governs our lives. And by extension, my right to protect myself from you.

Much in the same way that Israel is doing to Palestine. which brings me to the “reckoning of past institutional behaviour.” How do we condemn this apartheid when Saudi Arabia is basically doing the same thing in Yemen? Where is your moral outrage for them? For the Rohingya or the Uighurs? The Yazidis, the Syrians, the Lebanese, the Afghanis, et al?

There doesn’t seem to be a country on this beautiful, struggling planet that has “gotten it right.” If there is one, please do correct me. What I mean by getting it right, is treating each of citizens, regardless of race, colour, creed, gender, sexual orientation or religious beliefs, as human beings. One that doesn’t rely on preferential treatment based on institutionalized gender preference. Indeed, that is the larger problem. Women, on the whole, prefer dialogue to war.

Hateful words, behaviours and attitudes are taught. Sadly, mostly at home. Children do not go to school to be taught hatred. In fact, most have to be “untaught.” The deconstruction of home-taught hatred is a hard battle to fight, but so damned worth it!

There is no planet B. There is no superior race coming to save us. Trust me, there’s no chance of that. We blew that the moment we made war a method of behaviour and discrimination a way of life.

Palestine needs saving. And Israel needs to give their land back. That’s all there is to it. They are long-lost cousins who need to forgive each other, love each other and live in harmony. That may be a pipe dream, but it’s also it a fact.

There is a reckoning that is happening here; for all the ways in which we have harmed each other, the universe is responding. The earth is responding. And now, so are all the communities who have been oppressed, suppressed, depressed and recessed into marginalization. You can’t keep good people down for very long.

You see, ethnic communities teach their children about what not to do around “white people.” We grow up being taught “learn the system, beat the system.” because “the system” was not designed for our success. Ironically, Israel has done this beautifully. It’s like when two people who are attracted to each other meet and get to know each other. One of them says to the other “this is what hurt me in the past.” Then the other turns around and does exactly what hurt the first one, but does it in a spectacularly evil fashion. “Learn the system, beat the system.”

Behaviour is taught.

Israel has learned a great deal, and the Palestinians have no choice but to live in fear of a short-sighted Hamas and hate-filled Israelis. From whence does strength come when strength is always being tested?

So you see, as tired as I am, I will keep “getting into good trouble.” And I will keep deconstructing unnecessary behaviour. I just need your help to do so. Will you step up?

Stop the hate!

Hello friends,

My we have been through it haven’t we?

It feels as though, since the end of 2019, somethings have just been “off.” As though, the Earth’s axis changed its tilt and now we’re devolving.

There is so much “hate,” and “Intolerance” out there. Yet, I have to question, how much of that hate and intolerance is within us? How many of us have been taught to seriously dislike and disregard others simply because they are who they are?

Sadly, many of you have shown your true colours when something horrible happens. The holocaust, the genocides in Africa and Burma and China, the 9/11 attacks, SARS, Covid-19, etc. It’s no wonder we are “alone” in our neck of the galaxy.

As a species, it seems we are in two camps: the ones who represent the worst of humanity, and the ones who represent the best of humanity.

Holding an entire group or race of people responsible for the actions of an unreasonable few is stupid, juvenile, crass, wrong and just plain idiotic. It’s akin to me holding all white people accountable for slavery. Is that fair? Were the majority of you reading this alive and fully participating in the slave trade of the 1700 and 1800s? Do you see how ridiculous that is?

The blaming of all Chinese people for Covid-19 is the same as holding all Muslims responsible for the actions of Osama Bin Laden. It’s naïve and ill-informed, not to mention incredibly ignorant and irresponsible. It’s holding the restaurant accountable for people who dine and dash and then blaming the server because his/her skin colour is not yours.

This level of taught behaviour has to change because it begins at home. It is never okay to blame someone for a crime they did not commit. Yet our justice system is filled with innocents behind bars. The system that has housed internalized hatred has also built homes that house unjustified contempt and prejudice. Where did all this come from? Do those of you whom hate so badly have nothing else in your lives? You just believe all the hate that is spewed from right-wing media outlets and an orange buffoon who doesn’t know how to tell the truth?

How about using your God-given brains to actually read and understand information for yourself? Because if you don’t, you will be the downfall of your own race, and this time, you will have no choice but to hold your prejudice-driven, hate-filled, ignorance-consumed hearts accountable.

Those of you who engage in such behaviour have no idea the level of distrust you engender in the larger society. You make it easy to negate the work being done by the wonderful heroes and sheroes who have stepped up during the pandemic to do things you could never dream of. These incredible people treating and transporting your loved ones, feeding them for free, delivering meals, medical supplies, teaching your kids, sacrificing time with their own families to help you, because you’re human. This is what the best of us do. And not just during times of societal harm- this is what the best of us do all the time!

When white supremacists overtook the Capitol buildings on January 6th, were all white people blamed?
Should they have been?

It’s never okay to blame an entire group or race of people for the actions of an unscrupulous few. And it’s even less okay to think it is.

My heart goes out to the Chinese community right now, as it does to the larger, beautiful BIPOC communities. I stand with you and for you. Privately and publicly. For those who agree with me, it’s time to start showing it.

Time’s Up!

Time is Up on…

Racial inequality

Blatant Racism


Gender based racism and inequality

Inequality based on colour of skin

Systemic and institutionalized discrimination.

Black Lives Matter because we are one race, one human family.
If one of us is discriminated against, it is a crime against all of us.

“I am not my sister’s keeper. I am my sister.”
(Iyanla Vanzant)

Time is up. And caring is sharing.  So if you care, share.

peace out.

#BLM #OneRace




gap ad sikh waris ahluwalia

than racism and racial profiling.  I love this GAP ad!!  We all have the power to end hateful taught behaviours.  Let’s begin by accepting Loving every kind of beautiful there is.

To Arsalan Iftikhar™@TheMuslimGuy, thank you for using Social Media as a platform to call for change!