Viva La Revolucion??

It often amazes me that we live in such an advanced era and yet millions of people are still struggling in their day-to-day lives.  That an entire revolution could be organised and forged from and through social media is incredible.  That these same revolutionaries live in countries in which most homes do not have computers or keep astride of recent technological breakthroughs is more incredible.

My heart goes out to the people of Syria.  I sincerely hope that Syria can carve a path for itself with a future determined by its people for a Syria of their own choosing.  I also hope that calls for air strikes on Syria are not met with alarming alacrity.  It is my hope that diplomacy takes precedence; where there is still a capacity to save lives, let that be the dominant and overriding belief.

My heart goes out to the children of the Congo, Liberia, Sudan, Sierra Leone, Sri Lanka, Afghanistan and Uganda, who were forced to fight in wars not of their own making.  Forced to flee from their homelands to fight for brutal, barbaric tyrants who force children to kill their own parents, rape their sisters and friends and use rape as a war tool.  This is not to say that these incidents occurred in every one of the countries mentioned here, rather that this is happening, and has been happening because we (the world) chose to ignore this.  Was Rwanda not lesson enough?

There is a movement, organised by the Invisible Children Inc., on to draw out Joseph Kony, barbaric enslaver, brutal tyrannical dictator and coward.  The movement is called Joseph Kony 2012.  Kony is one of the cowards in Uganda waging an incredulous civil war.  He has no purpose for his fighting, other than to enslave thousands of children, turning them into soldiers and sexual slaves.  He has forced children to kill their parents.  He has encouraged rape as a method of war.   While there are many who would disagree with the methods used by Invisible Children Inc., I think this movement is important.  It’s important because we need to realise that no matter where we occupy space on this planet, the point is we occupy that space together. One world. One resource— each other.


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