So much goin’ on…

A great deal has happened in our world over this past week; from bus crashes to the hysteria surrounding Joseph Kony, events in Afghanistan, Iraq and Syria.  The Republican circus in the United States is doing its usual “stuff.”

Last week I addressed the Joseph Kony movement issue and I was really hoping that this would lead to positive change, however, all sides of this issue have not been taken into account.  Adam Branch, senior research fellow at the Makerere Institute for Social Research, Uganda, and assistant political science professor at San Diego State University, California, argues that “The video qualifies as irresponsible advocacy by prompting militarisation and detracting from Uganda’s real problems.”  If you had the time to watch the Kony 2012 video, then please take a moment to watch this video, courtesy of Al-Jazeera.  (another one of my favourite websites!)

Dangerous Ignorance: The hysteria of Joseph Kony 2012

Let us remember that the thousands of child soldiers who were forced to become so, all over Africa deserve to have a voice, and a choice.  Let us not detract from that. Ever.

Recent events in Afghanistan have left me pondering if the world deliberately wants to go crazy and if the US is, not in fact, encouraging it to do so.  I don’t advocate the burning of any book, period, let alone a holy book.  To burn a Quran is to burn the Bible and the Torah.  Whatever your beliefs, burning holy books is a sign of incredulous disrespect.  We must not let the actions of one or two immaturely, irresponsibly stupid people be left to the “sanctions,” of the United States militia.  The resulting slaughter of innocent civilians by staff Sergeant Robert Bales is inexcusable.  I don’t care how many deployments he’s had overseas, that is no excuse to end the lives of innocent civilians! My heart does go out to his family who must be wondering what on earth is going on…

I do have to comment on one thing that is really bothering me though:  that he has been repatriated to the United States.  That “he is one of ours and has to be protected,” is unacceptable.  Yes, I am calling the Change Card here: Let people begin taking responsibility for their actions. If, when in another country, you commit a crime, you are subject to the laws and processes governing that country. Unless, that is, you are American military? Did the men, women and children who were lawlessly gunned-down not deserve protection as well?  What did those children do to so tragically offend Sergeant Bales other than having the unlucky happenstance of being born Afghani?  Bales ought to be returned to Afghanistan and tried in an Afghan court,  under prevailing Sharia Law.  I know that many of you, Westerners, will vehemently disagree, but here’s the rub: (and it bears repeating) if, when in another country, you commit a crime, you are subject to the laws and processes governing that country.   If it’s not okay to smuggle drugs into or out of countries, and if it is illegal to murder, then why is this case not being tried as a multiple murder?   I am absolutely sure that, if the tables were turned and an Afghan military man had done the same on American soil, then been repatriated to his own country, there would be enormous outcry in America, and demands for that person’s return to American soil to be tried in an American court. The American double-standard that applies when it comes to Americans v. Muslims is in itself, inexcusable.  That it is given executive privilege to protect “one of our own,” is utter, inherent, absolute rubbish.

On other notes…

My heart goes out to the families in Belgium that are suffering the losses of their children and teachers/teaching staff who died in the horrible crash in Switzerland.

My heart continues to go out to the people of Syria.  May there be a swift and just end with a positive outcome to your revolution.

To the Republican circus, I have only this to say:  the more some things change…..


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    1. Thank you very, very much! I am truly hoping that you will keep reading! God bless and best of luck. I will definitely check out your website as well!


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