can be everything…

Last week I realised that a friend who is terrified of crows and can’t seem to remember where she left her last bottle of perfume has the depth of compassion that people only dream of in their lifetimes.  But does her relative “absentmindedness” and phobia override her ability to feel compassion for all things?  Or should it?   While we are constantly amused at her inability to locate her belongings, we are also constantly amazed at her ability to see things from perspectives not often realised or even imagined.

Some people are offended by the slightest nuance of behaviour.  Others couldn’t care less.  So where do we find balance in our lives?  And is it okay to be offended by one set of behaviours whilst declaring our love of humanity and our desire that all living creatures experience compassion and therefore have the perception of understanding?  What is in fact, the perception of understanding?

Can you walk a mile in the shoes of one whose company you would rather do without?  Is that even possible?  If we all felt compassion, would we then be moved to action?  If “intention determines experience,” then would it not be feasible to expect of ourselves the innovative quality of spirit moving our beings?  So while my friend can continue to search for that pair of perfect  black heels she bought on one of her many holidays, I know that in her search, the material doesn’t matter.  Hence, her continued need to find things.  Finding compassion comes easily, because she lives it.

well, except for the crows!   But we all have work to do…


2 thoughts on “Perception….

  1. I guess one person’s challenge is another’s “breeze” and you’re right, we all have work to do. Thanks for your thought-provoking post.


    1. You are absolutely right! We do all have work to do, and sometimes, we can “live what we preach,” until we come face to face with our own “crows.”
      Thank you for your continued support!

      Peace and blessings,


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