Happy International Women’s Day!

To all the courageous, wonderful, insightful, dedicated, determined, beautiful women, I say happy international women’s day to you all!

This year, I’d like us to take a moment and think about all the women who have survived the unthinkable; from earthquakes and natural disasters, to those who have been murdered or gone missing in different parts of the world. From domestic abuse and stalking to sexual assault or worse, to denial of rights and suppression and oppression.

It’s easy for us to live in a western style democracy and say “happy women’s day!” but what do we know about the women who have to suffer without medication or food or water every day? What of those women who are now facing homelessness? What about the women who can no longer work or those who can’t get hired because they don’t have names like “Mary Smith.”

Women of colour are facing incredible challenges every day, in every part of the world. We only have to look at what’s happening in Afghanistan to understand that gender recognition is a pipe dream in some parts of the world.

Nothing that is happening is by accident; in order for all of this to change, we need to partner with the men who are in positions of power and have decision-making capabilities. Without this, Afghanistan could happen anywhere. Margret Atwood’s “The Handmaid Tales,” was based on entirely true, real life happenings. That’s the scary part.

Our world is sick; we are beyond the point of no return. Healing mother earth will require all of us; not just the 50% who seem to keep bearing the brunt of the world’s harm.

Ladies, here’s to you- and all those who cannot speak for themselves.

Happy Women’s Day

Photo by Chelsi Peter on Pexels.com

Happy Women’s Day!

Happy Day to all you strong, intelligent, beautiful women!

To all of you who make a difference in the lives of others, whether through education, care-giving, home-making, professional activities, entrepreneurship, and all others, Thank You!

Every woman has an impact.  Every woman makes an impact – whether it’s holding a door open for someone else in one minute or teaching a class or checking a pulse, or styling someone’s hair or planting trees – every time you act, you make an impact.

So I am saying “Thank You” because the world will often forget how important you are. So lean on women who know.

Happy International Women’s Day beautiful people!




Happy International Women’s Day

“Here’s to strong Women: May we know them. May we be them. May we raise them.”

Happy Women’s Day!

This past year has seen some incredible developments …

We’ve seen the absolute devastation of certain countries and certain peoples around the world.  We’ve seen western media prejudice its audience with their incorrect ‘viewpoints’  about Muslims and Islam.  We’ve seen an insane tyrant in the White House grow even more inane and juvenile with each passing day.

We’ve also seen the “comeuppance” of many an individual who thought it was alright to stand in the way of, and abuse, many a person. We’ve seen the phenomenal growth of the #Metoo and #TimesUp movements.  We’ve seen Black Lives Matter grow and grow and grow.  We’ve seen interfaith conversations and multi-faith gatherings bring peace to a divided world. We’ve seen women (Finally) standing behind other women, having their backs, saying “I hear you,” and “I’ll fight for you,” and most importantly, “I believe you.”

We’ve seen what happens when women with common purpose and very powerful determination come together.  This is what changing the world looks like. That it had to come about as a response to horrendous abuses of power and privilege is unfortunate. That it’s here now is necessary. It’s universe-shifting; it’s the answer to the prayer of every woman who has found herself in the situation of “who will believe you?”

To every man and woman out there who participates in misogyny, I say to you: Times Up.

To every man and woman who support, stand by, love, and believe, I salute you. I honour you. I embrace you.  I thank you.

To all the people who make me stronger, better, more – to say thank you is a monumental shortfall. I shall say it anyway:  Asante Sana! Thank you. Merci Beaucoup. God Bless.

Happy International Women’s Day to all the phenomenal women of our little blue planet!






To the most amazing creatures on the planet, I wish you all a very Happy  International Women’s Day!

To all the family members, friends, teachers, mentors, motivators, business partners, strangers and angels who have walked beside me and blessed me with their presence, I thank you.

I honour you.  I celebrate you.

Happy Women’s Day!

Happy International Women’s Day!

To all the women who make my life possible, I say thank you and I honour you.

From the moms (single and married) who pull off the amazing every day to the managers, educators, instructors, confidants, nurses, listeners, drivers, colleagues and women who hold me up, I say thank you.

To all the men, women and children who hold up these women, I need to thank you as well.

To every woman past, present and living who have ever inspired me, I thank you.  From your life stories, from your presence in this world, I have learned and been made stronger and wiser.

Thank you to the women who are my life teachers.  And to those who let me breathe.  To those who struggle every day for freedom, for food, for medicine, for safety and for dignity, I say a prayer for you today and I honour your strength.


Happy International Women`s Day!