Happy International Women’s Day!

To all the courageous, wonderful, insightful, dedicated, determined, beautiful women, I say happy international women’s day to you all!

This year, I’d like us to take a moment and think about all the women who have survived the unthinkable; from earthquakes and natural disasters, to those who have been murdered or gone missing in different parts of the world. From domestic abuse and stalking to sexual assault or worse, to denial of rights and suppression and oppression.

It’s easy for us to live in a western style democracy and say “happy women’s day!” but what do we know about the women who have to suffer without medication or food or water every day? What of those women who are now facing homelessness? What about the women who can no longer work or those who can’t get hired because they don’t have names like “Mary Smith.”

Women of colour are facing incredible challenges every day, in every part of the world. We only have to look at what’s happening in Afghanistan to understand that gender recognition is a pipe dream in some parts of the world.

Nothing that is happening is by accident; in order for all of this to change, we need to partner with the men who are in positions of power and have decision-making capabilities. Without this, Afghanistan could happen anywhere. Margret Atwood’s “The Handmaid Tales,” was based on entirely true, real life happenings. That’s the scary part.

Our world is sick; we are beyond the point of no return. Healing mother earth will require all of us; not just the 50% who seem to keep bearing the brunt of the world’s harm.

Ladies, here’s to you- and all those who cannot speak for themselves.

Happy Women’s Day

Photo by Chelsi Peter on Pexels.com

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