A New, Happy Year! My wishes for all…

To all celebrating and welcoming in the New Year, I wish you a happy start to 2013.

My wish for you is that you find peace and joy in all good things and that abundance in all good things be yours.

My wishes for the world are these:

That we give thanks and feel gratitude for the abundance of blessings that are upon us every day.  That every day begins with a new opportunity to give thanks.

That we begin to welcome and be open to the spiritual paradigm shift of our wonderful universe.  Too many of us are steeped in cultural, behavioural and religious dogma. Let us be open to receiving and being grateful for what we receive.

That elected officials participate in ‘doing the right thing,’ as opposed to holding steadfast to egotistical constraints.

That victims of horrendous crimes are not re-victimized because of the cultural barriers that prevent laws from being upheld.

That governments of countries experiencing civil strife and civil war open themselves up to dialogue.  And remain open to solutions.

That poverty and disparity be vanquished.

That we continue (and some of us begin) taking better care of planet Earth.  Quite frankly, it’s the only one we’ve got!  It makes sense to respect our little blue dot.

That people begin to say what they mean and mean what they say.  That we begin to move away from “what will people think?” and begin moving towards “will this feel good in my soul?”

That we put an end to bullying and domestic violence.  No child should have to consider, even for a moment, what his or her life would look like if he or she were no longer alive.  No person suffering any kind of violence should have to.

That we put colour barriers aside and reach for the commonalities that bind us all; we are all human.  We all eat, sleep, excrete waste, we all take up space (on this little blue dot) and we all, for the most part, experience life.

That we understand the need for financial security and stability.

You have within you the power to create the brilliant future that is meant to be yours.

My wish for you is that you use everything within you to make that a reality for yourselves.

My wish for all of you is that you live a life wherein joy rising greets you in the morning and gratitude for the abundance of blessings in your life gives rest to your body at night.

Have a wonderful 2013!!




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