Celebrate life and say thank you!

Always say thank you ….

It’s the only way to keep ourselves sane in an insane world.  And it’s really one of the only ways in which to keep ourselves happy and grounded.

Spirit reflects what it is given in abundance.  If your focus is on how much you don’t have then you will find yourself experiencing scarcity.  However, if your focus is on abundance, then you will find yourself experiencing prosperity.

In times of craziness, in times of joy rising, your focus will determine the outcome of your experience.  In witnessing the death of a beloved family member and the birth of another, I realised that sometimes crazy comes in a package deal!  And in giving thanks for both lives I began to realise something even more  life affirming: that in celebration of a life well lived, it paved the way for the blessings of a new life.   When we say thank you to this wonderful universe of ours, we are blessed in ways we cannot imagine.

I hope your thank yous this week bring much love and abundance.


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