2020: The Year that Wasn’t

2020  – the year that wasn’t

When the year began, I really felt like something was off.  It didn’t feel like the possibilities were there for the year I had envisioned.   And then,

Kobi and Gigi and friends died. So many of us cried. I grew up watching you Mamba – you and Shaq and all that drama! Felt like I lost a friend.  Again. The corona virus came calling, but China was stalling. The WHO announced early, but people hardly any paid attention. Australia was on fire.  The country burned, people died, so did koalas.  And that was only the beginning.

Megs and Harry left “the firm” for private life.  The Brits skewered them and created strife.  Now, they’re in America, and can say what they like. They tried to impeach Trump but he was acquitted.  (Sigh) But Parasite won the Oscars and ram-don took over social media.  An asshole was convicted of rape and sexual assault – finally he was found at fault.

By spring, the virus grew and grew. The whole world stood still; Mother nature began to repair herself, because we let her be. The world was quiet; empty streets the hallmark of the weeks.

The economy tanked and wall street sank.  This was an incredible time. Black Lives Matter Protests happened everywhere.  I was in awe of how many people came out to march, peacefully, quietly, in strength and resolute determination of finding justice. 

The Canada-US border was closed for the first time in eons.  Trump declared an emergency (the only smart thing he’s done) People were hoarding toilet paper, kitchen towels and yeast.  The preppers were saying “See? We told you!”

Zoom took off.  And crashed.  And took off again and crashed again…laptops sold out and online learning became “a thing.” Some Governments began spending, others were in Denial. Climate change is a hoax some said. So was the Wuhan virus. Wimbledon was cancelled, so were many sports.  That left many of us feeling out of sorts.  They cancelled the Olympics too.  Alas, no world records and tricks.

Humanity witnessed the masses of seniors dying; yet the best of us stepped up at 7:00pm every night to cheer on and thank frontline and essential workers for their sacrifices.

Late spring saw cases of the Corona Virus rise, and we marched again and protested for Black Lives.  Because they Matter.  We asked for justice for George Floyd and Breona Taylor and Ahmaud Arbery.  We reminded people to “say their names.”  We’re still waiting for Justice.

Prime Minister Justin Trudeau participated in a BLM protest in Ottawa and Joe Biden won the Democratic Party’s nomination for President of the United States.  The numbers of people suffering from Corona Virus seemed to drop, right before they began to skyrocket and pop.  Except in New Zealand.  Beijing was back in lock down and the numbers were crazy.

For Boko Haram, this was a banner year. How many times are they going to get away with stealing children and turning them into child brides or soldiers and calling themselves religious?! This is non-sensical.

China and India had a fight.  Then China went and passed a stupid law.  There is a flaw to certain reasoning friends.  I don’t believe in countries to whom all loyalty is owed only to the state.  

Meanwhile, in Canada, certain residents are living under boiled water advisories. In 2020. In a developed country.  Where 20% of all freshwater resources exist.  Yet, these Neskatanga residents can’t catch a break.  Twenty-five years and they can’t use their taps.   I mean what the what??

We watched the NBA in the Bubble.  In the isolated, separated bubble.  Some sports were cancelled, others reinstated in bubbles.  Concerts, galas and more were postponed till 2021 or 2022.  More to see, more to do.  Kind of makes me feel like 2022 is full of possibilities…. New realities….

We saw royalty abdicate in other parts of the world, and a massive explosion ruin what was left of Beirut.  In India, things got tense.  And in Japan, politics were changing. Rearranging.

The fall brought with it the death of a giant – RBG.  Rest in peace superwoman! And no justice for another.  Say her name.  Say her name.  Say her name.  More people contracting and dying of corona virus, more covidiots ruling their roosts and making it harder for the rest of us to see our families.

You idiots who think wearing a mask is an infringement of your constitutional rights, crack a book!! It is not.  It protects others from the asymptomatic spreaders amongst you.  You don’t get to decide for the rest of us whose lives are valuable and whose are not.  

The late fall brought war to Armenia and Azerbaijan while Poland was protesting.  Early November brought a change in the US Political system.  Historic voter turnout and the number of votes cast, clearly outlined the deeply divided American public. Yet, they elected the first BIPOC female vice president!  And, the first US President who was elected with more than 80 million votes. (Not to mention the oldest US President.) But at least he’s one of the good guys!

Please America, never again, ever, elect a buffoon or former actor for your president. They really don’t work out well.

We’ve seen strange weather events and said goodbye to so many people. If this Pandemic has taught us anything, it’s that life is precious and fleeting and fragile. So it pays to go the extra mile and wear a damned mask! For many, this is an easy task. Yet, for some of you, it’s still too much to do.

We saw the Raptors in the Bubble. They came, they saw but didn’t conquer. (Next time baby!)

I am hopeful for the coming year because this time, it feels different; not just because the vaccines are rolling out. I’m hopeful that by the end of the year, we may be able to travel for the holidays again and see each other and hug each other and make human contact again.

And maybe even in 2022, we’ll stand by each other again in a crowded stadium watching our favourite artist(s) or athletes put on a great show. But to get there, we need to get through here. And here requires a mask and sanitizer and hand washing.

On that note, Happy New Year to all of you. Stay safe and blessed. Take good care of each other.


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