Treason? Civil War? Take your pick?

Hey Readers!

Do you remember a couple of months ago when I wrote:

“Professors, former members of President Obama’s staff and journalists have been warning us since last year: the far-right domestic terrorist groups have been emboldened by the OB (orange buffoon) and have been ramping up activities, both online and in public. If OB loses, and refuses to hand over power, what happens?’


“What do you do when there is a baby bully in a position of power and has, arguably, the largest platform for change available, and he is refusing to “get out of the crib” without disrupting everything around it?”

Image Courtesy of NBC News

Did you really think I was blowing smoke?


You have known for months, weeks, days and have absolutely no excuse whatsoever to say “we didn’t know” or “we didn’t think this would happen.” Really?

You know this behaviour is tantamount to Treason. And the last time I checked, Treason was punishable by death in the good ole U.S. of A.

If this were the Black Lives Matters protestors, (who quite frankly know better), we would be having a very different conversation and you would be reading a profanity-laced, insult-ridden blog about the Orange Buffoon and his cronies.

Oh wait – I forgot, the very fact that I call him the Orange Buffoon is insulting in and of itself.

Sorry not sorry. There are no other words for an over-indulged, not-spanked-enough-megalomaniacal, nihilistic, spoilt-brute-of-a-child-ignoramus-bigoted-racist who behaves as though the world owes him a favour and he won’t stop till he gets what he wants.

Nor will he stop until he has destroyed the process and functionality of democracy and delegitimized honest folk who voted their consciences.


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